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Watermarking (soon)

Integrated Chat

Low latency

Multiple cameras


Instant replay

Comments & annotations
You can view, comment, draw directly over existing footage to provide feedback to the post-production crew.
Live Streaming
Anyone with authorised access can watch the live from set.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Vision ?

Vision is a Live streaming and collaboration platform, in real time with instant replay.

What is the minimum configuration required ?

You need a Mac or PC, 16GB of RAM, and an Internet connection.

What if I am not wired to the Internet ?

You can use 4G or 5G network (may reduce video quality).

How is Vision being used ?

Vision can be used on set for streaming live cameras and for record cameras. Or only use the platform for collaboration and quick feedbacks.

How secure is Vision ?

Full SSL encryption
Two-factor authentication
Permissions and team management

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